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Quitting Apps (updated for iOS 7)

iPad apps continue to run in the background, even after you have returned to your home screen and launched another app. You may notice that performance suffers in some cases. You can see what apps are running and close them by following these steps:

  1. Double-click the Home Screen button (this is the recessed round button with the square on it below your screen).
  2. Put your finger on one of the app icons and slide it up and off the screen.
  3. Repeat for each app that you want to quit.
  4. Press the Home Screen button to return to your normal screen.

Grouping Apps

You can put your apps into groups to make them more organized on your screen. For example, you might have a group of productivity apps, a group of entertainment apps, a group of game apps, etc. This also can eliminate the need for multiple screens of apps as you find and download more.

  1. Put your finger on any app icon and hold it there until the icons begin to shake.
  2. Drag the icon of the app you want to group on top of another icon that belongs in the same group (do this slowly - otherwise, the apps will just move out of the way).
  3. Once you are successful, a window will pop up with a suggested name for the group you have just created. You can use that name, or type in your own name.
  4. Your group is now created. You can now drag other apps into that same group.
  5. Press the Home Screen button to return to your normal view.
  6. Repeat for each group you want to create.

Hint: If apps you want to group are on different screens, follow step one above. Once the icons are "shaking", drag the app you want to move to a different screen down to the row of apps at the bottom of your screen. Return to the screen you want to move that app to and drag it back up into that screen. Then you can follow steps 2 - 6 to group them.

Deleting Apps

  1. Press and hold on the app you want to delete.
  2. You will notice that they now have a delete icon (black circle with an X in the middle). Press the delete portion of the app icon.
  3. A confirmation window will pop up. Press the delete button to delete, or the cancel button to cancel.

Adding a Website Directly to Your Home Screen

You can create an app icon that links directly to a website. This allows you to open the website directly, rather than opening your browser and either typing in the URL or accessing a bookmark from within the browser.

  1. Open your web browser and go to the site you want to create the app icon for.
  2. Once the website has opened, press the icon at the top of the screen that looks like a square with an arrow pointing right.
  3. Click the Add to Home Screen button.
  4. Rename if desired, and click Add.
  5. Your new web page icon will appear on your Home Screen.

Hint: If you want to group your website app icons, follow the directions above for Grouping Apps.

Guided Access

  1. Go to Settings – General – Accessibility – select “Guided Access”
  2. Turn Guided Access On
  3. Set passcode
  4. Screen Sleep – optional
  5. Open the app you want students to use
  6. Triple-press the "home" button
  7. You can then draw with a fingertip around areas that you want to lock down access to, or turn off touch or motion.
  8. Click the "start" button, and the app will stay locked until the home button is triple-clicked again and the passcode you configured is entered.