Primary Grades

Apps for Reading Standards, K-1
Elementary: Accessing Tumble Books on the iPad(tutorial 2 mins)
20 Great iPad Apps for Primary Literacy
ABC Phonics Word Family
Perfect for preschool and kindergarten emergent readers, or as an intervention for struggling first grade readers/writers.
The Phonics Word Family Free provides the word phonics spelling, beginning sound, word family phonics, short vowel sound, and images with a lot of animations and interactions for each word. The app includes in-app-purchase.
Little Speller
An app that helps kids learn to spell simple words.
Fry Words
The Fry 1000 Instant Words are a list of the most common words used for teaching reading, writing, and spelling.
Grammaropolis uses the parts of speech as animated characters whose personalities are based on the roles they play in the sentence. From the shady pronoun always trying to take the noun’s place to the motherly conjunction who just wants everyone to get along, Grammaropolis achieves the impossible: we make learning grammar fun!
Reading Apps - from EdWeek
Shake-a-Phrase is a fun language app for creative writing prompts, vocabulary, and parts of speech practice. Perfect for learning and laughing in the classroom or on-the-go, it features over 2,000 words and definitions in 5 themes.
Spelling City
VocabularySpellingCity is a fun way to learn spelling and vocabulary words by playing engaging learning games using any word list.
Storia's digital experience offers fun, age-appropriate learning activities along with a growing collection of the just-right titles kids love, from the award-winning authors they want to read. In app purchase required
Create an electronic storybook.
Toontastic is a storytelling and creative learning tool that enables kids to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons with friends and family around the world through simple and fun imaginative play!

50 Popular iPad Apps for Struggling Readers and Writers

Recommended by Fluency 21 (

  • iBooks – a ereader book store.
  • Book Creator – Create your own iBooks right on the iPad. (Allows everything except video)
  • Reading Trainer – This app teaches you how to train your eyes and brain to read and comprehend text faster. Think of it as exercise for your reading skills.
  • Free Books – 23,469 Classics to Go
  • – Dictionary & Thesaurus – A dictionary and a Thesaurus.
  • Literary Analysis Guide – Elements of literature are arranged graphically around three wheels (poetry, prose, and rhetoric).
  • Kindle – Kindle is an eReader from
  • Shakespeare Pro – Complete works of Shakespeare. 41 plays, 154 sonnets, and 6 poems. All works can be cross searched for anything.
  • Jules Verne Collection – Sixteen of Jules Verne’s books
  • MaxJournal – A simple and elegant journal.
  • LitCharts – Link to LitCharts website. Each of the LitCharts are available on the iPad