New apps here

PicJointer. Make easy photo collages from photos then email or save your collage to the camera roll in your iPad.

Action Movie FX for iPhones and iPads: This is great for special effects in movie making. My lab was destroyed, my student had a strange encounter and my husband's dinner was demolished.

Fotobabble:"Fotobabble can be used as an app or website to allow students to use photos and a voice recording to demonstrate their understanding of a topic. This works great in math. Students can work on a problem, take a screen shot of the work, and record the steps they took to solve it."

Hello Crayons Hello Crayons is an easy, free coloring app. There are several tools including crayons, paint brushes, filling can, and markers that you can use to draw free-style or to modify the "coloring pages." The pallette of color choices is limited but students loved coloring on the iPad anyway!

Morfo 3D Face Booth is a 3D photo animator that takes your full-face photo and lets you add animation and voice (reminds me of a more sophisticated Blabberize). Morfo is free but it's worth the 99cents to upgrade to Morfo 3D Face Booth. Find out more here:

Haiku Deck is a free app for creating beautiful presentations easily. Lots of "in app" purchases allow you to customize the look of your presentations but the free pieces are probably adequate for classroom projects.